Salt and Light Sea Salt Co. is a family based sea salt production company based out of Kasrsdale Nova Scotia (along the Annapolis Basin).   We produce high quality Sea Salt products by hand.  We have two main lines of products: Gourmet Sea Salts and bath salts.

Salt is an essential element for our health and happiness. It is an ingredient that has been used throughout human history to enrich the flavor and preserve food.  Before the invention of electric refrigeration salting meat was the main way to preserve meat.  In fact, the Annapolis basin at many points in its long history has been the home of prosperous fisheries that sent salted fish to cities along the east coast of North America  from Maine to the Caribbean.

At Salt and Light Sea Salt Co. we are trying to continue the local tradition of sustainably using the resources in the sea and land to produce a local product that both locals and visitors can taste and treasure.  The Sea Salt that we make we truly believe to be part of the flavor and essence of Nova Scotia that can be enjoyed by everyone everywhere.