We are now selling Salt and Light Sea Salt Co. products at the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market and the Wolfville Farmers’ Market every Saturday.



We are working on producing and selling two main lines of products; Gourmet cooking salts and bath salts.  All of our salts are hand harvested from the Annapolis Basin in Karsdale Nova Scotia.

  • Fleur de Sel

fleur de sel ceramic 1

This is a gourmet finishing salt that is highly desired in fine cuisine. To make this salt we start with the filtered pristine water of Annapolis Basin.  In all our salt making processes we evaporate this water until salt crystals begin to form. To allow the Fleur de Sel to form specifically, we allow the salt to naturally and slowly refine itself.  In the evaporation process, once the water has evaporated to a certain point, calcium salts start to precipitate out of the water (sinking to the bottom) and large white Fleur de sel crystals form on the surface of the water.  We harvest these crystals right from the surface of the water so they do not mix with the other sea salts.  This salt is highly sought after by culinary experts because it has a subtle flavor (milder than other table salts and most sea salts) and the high moisture content in the crystals enables it to stay in the mouth longer and give a slightly crunchy texture to the food it garnishes.  We are packaging this salt in little ceramic containers of 150g.  With each container of Fleur de Sel we include a little muscle shell that can be used to serve the salt.


  •  Sea Salts

This salt is also hand harvested from the Annapolis Basin.  It is filtered pristine Annapolis Basin water evaporated down to this pure unrefined Sea Salts with all of its natural trace minerals within it. It has no added ingredients yet is naturally iodized. This sea salt is made with care and purpose for people to be able to eat their salt and trace minerals from a natural and local source.  This unrefined hand-made sea salt is sold in grinders and burlap bags.  The grinders (100g) and the bags (180g) are sold at the Annapolis Royal Farmers and traders market as well as the Wolfville Farmers’ market.


Again this salt is made from the salt water of the Annapolis Basin.  However once the salt has crystalized we add pure essential oil to the salt to give it a pleasing aroma. We have two fragrances Lavender and Grapefruit.

We package these bath salts in authentic Nova Scotia tartan.  We have two different sizes of packages 100g and 500g .